Pique’ Taylor

Pique’ Taylor was born into a dancing family, her grandparents did everything in theatre and dance from Broadway to being the founders of multiple ballet companies, to owning their own dance studio. This is how she was even given a dancer’s name. She started dancing formally at the age of three, though she was dancing the second she could walk. She studied for 13 years with Gwen Owens at the London School of dance in Garland, Texas. Mrs. Gwen instilled the love of dance in her even further and let her become her assistant starting at the age of 9. By 16 Pique’ was given the opportunity to teach her very first dance class by herself and she knew she had found her calling. She also was heavily involved in the dance scene in Dallas Texas by performing in National Tap Dance Day, Dance for the Planet, and dancing in The Moscow State Ballet Russian Nutcracker tour in Dallas for many years. In 2000 Pique’ started her journey into acting, and musical theatre. She was heavily involved in the theatre scene in Garland, Rockwall, and Terrell Texas. In 2002, she was given her first opportunity to be an assistant choreographer in musical thanks to Barbara Doudt. Mrs. Doudt continued to give her other chances at being her assistant choreographer and even allowed her in 2009 to choreograph Kiss me Kate, solely. Pique’ then decided she wanted to fulfill her dream of dancing at Walt Disney World and moved to Florida in 2009. She has taken some time away from theatre and dancing for the last 6 years while she has been raising her daughter. She is so grateful to Mrs. Emily for giving her the opportunity to jump back into the game and start teaching musical theatre again!