Juliana Uduezue


Juliana has an extensive background in the fitness industry. She has over 10 years of experience as a qualified Fitness Instructor specifically with group exercise classes and personal training and gained her Central YMCA Certificate in Exercise to Music and Exercise and Fitness in London, England. She has taught at a variety of sports and community centres, with classes including body conditioning, step aerobics, boxercise and exercise to music. Her passion for fitness has also taken her around the UK, where she has participated in major health and fitness conventions and charitable events. She also worked on a project with a local authority in London to help promote health and fitness to young people by doing demo classes and offering advice and guidance.
Along with this, Juliana has a BA (Hons) in Marketing and Business Management and also studied for a Professional Diploma with The Chartered Institute of Marketing in Marketing Management, Planning and Communications. She has worked for several large not-for-profit organisations over the last 20 years as a Senior Marketing Manager, leading teams and raising money for local communities and international projects.
Dance Station Orlando has a dedicated team of experienced and professional dance instructors and the young people’s passion there for dance and music is inspiring as well as motivating. Juliana is looking forward to sharing in this passion and helping the studio grow from strength to strength. So, whether it’s teaching adults how to live happier and healthier lives through exercise to music and making smarter eating choices or it’s nurturing a new a generation of young people to change the world through dance, music and acting – She’s very excited about the future!