Founder and Director (Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Freestyle, Street Dance, Zumba, Stretch and Tone)

Emily began dance training at 3 years old, and has continued to dance ever since, specializing in Classical Ballet and Modern Dance techniques. Throughout her teenage years at her local dance school she worked as an assistant to the principle and at 18 decided to pursue her training further. Having successfully auditioned for a place at the Royal Academy of Dance, London, England, she gained a BA (Hons) in Ballet Education in 2007. Since this time Emily has gone on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specializing in Post-16 learners. Alongside teaching in colleges, Emily has maintained her work within local dance schools, developing new branches to the schools and leading the vocational and higher grades provision of Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Emily’s last role as Head of Performing Arts at South Staffordshire College, England, saw her set up a 16years+ course at a local theatre in 2010, in order for her students to progress onto universities and industry alike. Emily is also experienced as a Dance Artist, working within the community, leading dance workshops for youth groups, disengaged young people and people with disabilities.

During her teaching career, Emily has successfully coached students to audition for Internationally acclaimed Dance and Performance Schools such as, The Royal Ballet Associates, Elmhurst Ballet School, Bird College: London, Mountview Theatre Academy and Bodyworks as well as for projects such as The English Youth Ballet Company and the London 2012 Olympics. Some of these students she had taught since they were just 3 years old!

In addition to her teaching career Emily has continued to work on various dance performance projects, and continued to complete exams with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the International Dance Teacher Association (IDTA), in Classical Ballet and Jazz. She has also performed with The English Youth Ballet, in various events in London as a commercial dancer and at an end of season Premier League Football match to an audience of over 25,000 people! Emily has consistently achieved high grades at ‘Distinction’ for her recent examinations, also being nominated for a Scholarship for her performance in Advanced Jazz in 2010.